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Receive Faxes in your eMail Account. To Setup a Fax to Email Service is Absolutely Free.

Receiving a fax is as easy as opening an email. When you sign up for a Free Fax to Email Account all faxes sent to your Free Fax to Email Number will then be delivered to which ever Email account you specified. All faxes are delivered as an email with a PDF attachment. Simply sign in to your email account to access all your faxes.

What are the Benefits of Fax to Email?

It is Free!!
Fax to Email is Green.
It offers huge savings on paper, ink, electricity, maintenance, etc.
Requires no special software, to buy or to download.
You'll receive a Fax Number that is never busy where you can receive multiple faxes simultaneously.
Faxes are delivered in either PDF format.
It is secure.

Email to Fax questions

1. Do I get a real fax number?

Yes. To the person faxing you it looks and acts like any other fax number. When someone faxes to your number, the fax is converted to a PDF that is emailed to you as an attachment. 

2. What if I already have a fax number?

If you already have a fax number and want to keep it, there is no problem. Just contact your phone company and call-forward the number to your new Free Fax to Email number. Or you could cancel your fax line and give out your new Free Fax to Email number and stop paying the high cost of an extra fax line.

3. Can I save my faxes?

Of course. Save a fax just like you would any email attachment and they'll only be a click away.